Pentas Flora launches 2 new Exsim Petroleum Road Tankers 


Pentas Flora launches 2 new Exsim Petroleum Road Tankers 

You might have seen us on the road – the brightly painted Pentas Flora tankers plying the North South Expressway. Now look out for – Exsim Petroleum Tankers!

5. May 2016

Exsim Petroleum is a member of the Exsim Group of Companies, with direct business relations with Pentas Flora. Exsim Petroleum markets and transports the recovered fuel (fuel oil and base oil) produced by Pentas Flora.

Operating a fleet of 10 tankers, we have now added 2 more tankers to our fleet. The tankers come fully equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices that monitors movement, location and key driving characteristics of the delivery of the fuel, ensuring safety and security for the cargo delivered.

Drivers of the tankers, specially screened and selected by the Logistics Team, undergo special defensive driving training once every 2 years and are subjected to the company’s MoRR Policies and Procedures.

In the near future, you can expect to see another 6 more tankers plying the highway, colouring it bright red, yellow and blue!


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