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Our Commitment to Environment

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ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001


Pentas Flora has been certified to the above management systems since 2012 by TUV SUD, a reputable certification body in Malaysia. The certifications are a guarantee of the way business in being conducted at Pentas Flora, which takes extreme care in managing Customer Satisfaction while ensuring every effort is taken to prevent pollution and safe guard the health & safety of employees. In 2016, our 2nd cycle of this certifications, we have been certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, the leading certification body in Malaysia. The Management of Pentas Flora places high commitment in ensuring systems are in place to work for us in harmony with the company’s vision.



Pentas Flora Laboratory is certified to ISO17025 since 2015, which underlines its quality and recognition to tests carried out. The laboratory which specialises in oil testing also conducts a range of other tests as per its accreditation lists.



Pentas Flora is the one and only ISO29001 certified re-refinery in Malaysia. This takes us a notch higher in ensuring our oil & gas customers are convinced of our commitment to produce only the best of products and services for them, during every shipment, every point of contact.

Singapore Green Label


We are a green company. We transform black and dirty used engine oils into new base oil that will eventually produce new golden lubricants. With this technology, the expertise, the systems in place and the commitment to carry out recovery services, Singapore Environmental Council has awarded both of our key products, the Base Oil and Eco Fuel Oil with the prestigious Singapore Green Label. We are the only facility in Malaysia that produces recovered oil certified to the Singapore Green Label.

Malaysian MY Hijau Mark


Pursuant to being recognised by Singapore’s SEC, Malaysia’s GreenTech approved our Base Oil for the Malaysian MyHijau Mark with effect from 2016. This milestone adds to our achievement in realising the dream of producing eco-friendly oil products for Malaysia and the region.

RoSPA Safety & Health Excellence Awards


Processing oil is no child’s play. High emphasis of safety & health controls are put in place to manage any potential and incidental risk at the work place. With such Management Systems, certified to OHSAS18001, Pentas Flora was awarded a Bronze Award in the Annual Safety & Health Awards by RoSPA UK in 2014. In 2015, with continual improvements, we were awarded the Silver Award. We are not resting on our laurels till the Gold Award arrives – hopefully in 2017.

Frost & Sullivan Recovery Facility for Year 2016

With an investment of nearly RM40million, a commitment to produce the regions first eco friendly re-refined base oil and the continuous list of recognition from local and international bodies, resulted in Frost & Sullivan awarding Pentas Flora the award for Recovery Facility of the Year 2016. This recognition is a recognition of excellence, which is imbedded in the way business is done at Pentas Flora.