Marketing Communications

Marketing is essential in all organisations. Understanding the distinctions between sales, marketing, and branding will aid in the enhancement of your company’s corporate image, the narrowing of your target audience, and the activation of your employees’ creativity.

Course Title: What Markets in Marketing? – Marketing and branding in the context of business development

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the difference between sales, marketing and branding
  2. Study the importance pf marketing in every aspect of business
  3. Implement marketing strategies to everyday situations
  4. Learn the Dos and Don’ts in Marketing

Course Contents:

  1. Fundamentals of marketing and its importance in supporting business development objectives
  2. Effective Marketing and Branding Strategies
  3. Understanding target customers with strategies – Buyer Personas / Brand Strategies / Brand Style Guide
  4. Building Unique Value Proposition
  5. Effective Brand Management – Concepts, SWOT Analysis and Business Model Canvas

Target Group: All level of staff
Methodology: Theory with group assignments and individual assesment

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