Micro Carbon Residue

Micro Carbon Conradson Residue



The Conradson carbon method is the more usual test for determining the amount of carbon residue left after evaporation and pyrolysis (destructive distillation) of residua, heavy oil, and bitumen and is intended to provide some indication of relative coke-forming propensity. The amount of Conradson carbon residue is also corrected for the presence of mineral matter in the sample.

It is used to determine the amount of carbon deposit when an oil is evaporated under specified condition. The Carbon Residue values of crude oil, residue and etc. are useful in the manufacture of various lubricants.

Carbon residue of crude oil and crude oil products is a measure of the propensity of the sample to form coke when combusted under specific conditions that require a limited supply of oxygen. The carbon residue of petroleum product sample might be considered to be analogous to the determination of fixed carbon for coal.

nMc 210 is an economical version of nMc 440 for performing Mcrt analysis. Quick start of test, temperature and nitrogen control are automatic and in accordance with the method. Temperature accuracy: 1°C. Max furnace temperature: 550°C.

Why we need to know?

  • The carbon residue of a fuel is the tendency to form carbon deposits under high temperature conditions in an inert atmosphere. This is an important value for the crude oil refinery, and usually one of the measurements in a crude oil assay. Carbon residue is an important measurement for the feed to the refinery process fluid catalytic cracking and delayed coking.
  • Carbon residue for a fuel is measured in weight percentage (wt %) or parts per million by weight (ppm wt). High carbon residue value is undesirable for a fuel.
  • Different carbon residue values can be defined for a fuel depending on the measurement method used. Ramsbottom Carbon Residue (RCR), Conradson Carbon Residue (CCR), Micro Carbon Residue (MCR) are the indexes used corresponding to three different measurement methods used.

Micro Carbon Residue for General Oil and Pentas Flora Recovered Oil:

General Oil

Micro Carbon Residue (wt %)

Base Oil


Bunker Fuel




Heavy Oil


Light Fuel Oil 80 cSt


Medium Fuel Oil 180 cSt


Tyre Oil


Waste Engine Oil


Pentas Flora Recovered Oil

Micro Carbon Residue(wt %)

Eco Light Fuel Oil


Super Light Fuel Oil


Green Light Fuel Oil


Base Light Fuel Oil