Maritime Services

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Maritime Services

Maritime Environmental Protection and Preservation are our core business competency and expertise. Our Maritime team is skilled and specially trained in managing maritime waste efficiency to conserve the maritime environment so as to comply with the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution at Sea (MARPOL 73/78) and other local regulatory requirements. The team is based onshore and at sea and is ever ready to respond and render service to our customers and business partners.

Our maritime environmental solutions are specially designed to support the shipping and maritime industry; namely shipping companies, ship owners, ship management companies, oil exploration operations and platform, including but not limited to port servicing facilities and other ancillary and related activities.

Oil De-Sludging and De-Sloping for ships and port facilities are our specialized capabilities. Each drop of oil sludge or residual discharge that we collect will be treated with the highest standards at our treatment plant in accordance with the Department of Environment’s (DOE) strict requirements. Residuals from each treatment will be tested and examined meticulously for environment friendliness before it is recycled for other industry use. We also provide other maritime services such as Bunkering and Vessel Tank Cleaning.

Oil De-Sludging & De-Sloping

We provide de-sludging and de-sloping services for ships and port facilities. These waste materials from ships can either be loaded onto our oil barges or road tankers while waste materials from port / shore facilities will be loaded directly into road tankers. Each and every drop of oil sludge or slop material will be treated according to the highest DOE’s environmental standards before it is recycled for other industry uses.


Location of services:

  • Penang – Penang Port Butterworth Terminals, Swettenham Cruise Terminal
  • Lumut Port
  • Port Klang – Northport and Westport Terminal including Southport
  • Port Klang – Inner Anchorage and Pintu Gedung Outer Anchorage
  • Port Klang – Bostead Cruise Terminal
  • Linggi Port
  • Tg Beruas, Malacca and Malacca Anchorage
  • Perlabuhan Tg Pelepas
  • Pelabuhan Tg Langsat
  • Pasir Gudang Port
  • Johor Off Port Limit (OPL)


We provide bunkering services including quality marine fuel oil, diesel, kerosene and lubricating oil to cargo and passenger ships in Malaysia at competitive prices.


We provide cleaning services to oil tankers, shipping vessels and the likes. Our experienced team cleans engine rooms, pump rooms, storage rooms, blige tanks, slop tanks, fuel oil tanks and oil spills with our eco-friendly solution.