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Fuel Oil, Lubricants, Base Oil, Biofuel and Other Petroleum Products

No Test Ref Method
1 Flash Point by PMCC Tester ASTM D93
2 Flash Point and Fire Point by COC Tester ASTM D92
3 Flash Point by Abel CC Tester IP 170
4 Density, Specific Gravity, API Gravity, Hydrometer ASTM D1298
5 Density, Specific Gravity, API Gravity, Digital Meter ASTM D4052
6 Ash Content ASTM D482
7 Kinematic Viscosity ASTM D445
8 HTHS Apparent Viscosity ASTM D5481
9 Low Temperature Apparent Viscosity by MRV ASTM D4684
10 Viscosity Index ASTM D2270
11 Pour Point ASTM D97
12 Cloud Point ASTM D2500
13 Noack Evaporation Loss ASTM D5800
14 Carbon Residue (Micro Method) ASTM D4530
15 Water by Distillation ASTM D4006
16 Moisture KF Titration (Volumetric) ASTM D4377
17 Moisture KF Titration (Coulometric) ASTM D6304
18 Heat of Combustion / Calorific Value ASTM D240
19 ASTM Color ASTM D1500
20 Sediment and Water by Centrifuge ASTM D1796
21 Sediment by Extraction ASTM D473
22 Cold Cranking Simulator ASTM D5293
23 Refractive Index ASTM D1218
24 Acid Number ASTM D664
25 Base Number by HCl Titration ASTM D4739
26 Base Number by Perchloric Acid Titration ASTM D2896
27 i-pH ASTM D 7946
28 Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D130
29 Sulfur by Bomb Calorimeter ASTM D 129
30 Elements by ICP-OES ASTM D5185
ASTM D4951
31 PAHs in Oil by GC-MS US EPA 8270D
32 Boiling Point Range ASTM D6352
ASTM D2887
33 Foaming Characteristic ASTM D892
34 Foaming Characteristic at High Temperature ASTM D6082
35 Carbon Number Distribution for Petroleum Waxes ASTM D5442
36 Sulfated Ash ASTM D874
37 Nitrogen by Oxidative Chemiluminescence ASTM D 4629
38 FT-IR Analysis for In-service Lubricant ASTM E2412
39 Visual Inspection ASTM D4176
40 Chlorine by Combustive Microcoulometry UOP 779
41 Demulsibility Characteristic ASTM D2711
42 Total Saturates and Total Aromatics by HPLC-RID ASTM D7419
43 Cetane Index ASTM D4737

Coolants and Anti Freeze

No Test Ref Method
1 pH ASTM D1287
2 Boiling Point ASTM D1120
3 Alkalinity ASTM D1121
4 Density ASTM D1122
5 Water Content ASTM D1123
6 Foaming Tendencies ASTM D4921
7 Elements by ICP OES ASTM D6130
8 Glycol Impurities by GC-FID ASTM E2409

Coal and Petroleum Coke

No Test Ref Method
1 Chlorine by Calorimetric Bomb ASTM D2361-02
2 Proximate Analysis & Fixed Carbon ASTM D3172-89
3 Moisture Content ASTM D3173-03
4 Ash Content ASTM D3174-04
5 Volatile Matter ASTM D3175-02
6 Sulfur Content by Bomb Washing Method ASTM D3177-02