We have Base Oil SN150.  Now here come Base Oil SN250


We have Base Oil SN150.  Now here come Base Oil SN250

It was an ambitious project by Mr Lim Aik Fu and the Directors of Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd to embark on a base oil re-refinery plant of this magnitude in Malaysia. Over the last 30 years, collected waste oil from the automotive industry was typically used as burning oil (usually without any removal of heavy metal and other harmful substances). Pentas Flora was a game changer in many ways. In 2015 we commissioned our base oil short path distillation column, one of its kind in Malaysia, producing Base Oil SN150 – a lower range of the Group 1 of Base Oils.

With further refinement and investment in technology and technical expertise from the US, we now have successfully produced SN500 – a higher grade base oil.

Pentas Flora is potentially the first and only re-refinery in Malaysia with capabilities of producing SN250 Base Oil made entirely from spent lubricating oil.

Our Base Oil SN150 is a Singapore Green Label certified product, and plans are afoot to enable our SN250 to also receive the same recognition.

We are committed to ensuring oil from the waste stream re-enters the market in a sustainable and resource conserving manner.


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