Pentas Flora is geared towards eradicating improper waste management with our circular ecosystem approach in accordance with our credo “From Cradle to Cradle”

Our Services

Scheduled Waste Management

We provide services to dispose, treat, and recover waste engine oil, lubricants, petroleum and other waste substances.

Petroleum Re-Refining

Usable products such as gasoline, petrol, diesel and fuel oil are recovered in our labs through re-refining. Re-refining is a process that transforms collected waste oil into usable base oil.

Maritime Services

We provide professional environmental solutions to companies involved in shipping, ship management, oil exploration and re-refining; located in ports or private jetties.

Laboratory Services

We provide analytical testing services for petroleum-based products such as engine oil, diesel or base oil to ensure waste materials comply to the standards outlined by the Department of Environment.

Lubricant Blending & Packaging

We provide OEM blending, packaging and consultancy services for oil retailers around the world.

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