Demucking Services

What is Demucking Services

Muck refers to mud, dirt, or a sticky natural substance such as animal waste. In the marine field, while the vessel is on sail there will be a series of chemical reactions occurring in the oil tanker. In the process, precipitation will be produced. If the owner does not clean the precipitate on a regular basis, it will endanger the people who are on the vessel and the vessel engine will not last. This is because the precipitate will block the engine components in the oil tanker. To keep a vessel in top condition, De-mucking services are necessary.

Demucking is the service to remove the precipitate at the bottom of the oil tank from the vessel, thereby, maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the vessel. The precipitate will be packaged into a standard and high-quality container to avoid any spillage.

In summary, the demucking process is a rigorous process to remove and collect residues of oil substances. The residue may be located in the cargo tank, fuel oil tank or any part of ship affected by oil leakage. All residues will be filled into portable containers or bags and transferred ashore for recycling processes.

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