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Pentas Flora started as a backyard service provider in 2008 in Kota Damansara. Its main business activity then was to provide collection of used engine oil for recovery into fuel oil.

The founding members of Pentas Flora comprised a company called Cheong Chemicals and a few individual shareholders. The total staff force comprised twenty people with less than four units of tankers and box vans combined. In 2010, Pentas Flora relocated to its present premise in Banting on a two-acre plot of land. Around the same time, AHL and Partners, auditors to Pentas Flora were tasked with seeking new shareholders for expansion purposes. Shortly after, The EXSIM Group of Companies took over the entire ownership of Pentas Flora. This began the new era for Pentas Flora.

From 2013 onwards, additional tankers, lorries, box vans and forklifts were added to the fleet of vehicles in an aggressive expansion drive. The current fleet stands at more than 50 units. In order to uplift the level of professionalism, an accredited laboratory was built and is staffed by four IKM Registered Chemists with many years of related experience. They are assisted by eight technicians for day-to-day functions, ensuring consistent quality of recovered oil is produced and in conformity with ASTM standards.

With consistent high quality fuel oil business in smooth operations, in 2015, we commissioned a base oil re-recovery facility utilizing state of the art shortpath distillation technology of international standards to further up the ante in the recovery business.

At present we are aggressively expanding our network of collection and off site storage facilities across the country including that in East Malaysia with mid term plans to replicate this across the ASEAN region.

As recognition to Pentas Flora’s professional expertise, Pentas Flora has been awarded numerous accolades as follows:

  • ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 for Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Safety and Health Management System respectively from Bureau Veritas Certification
  • ISO 29001 for Oil and Gas Quality Management System from Bureau Veritas Certification
  • ISO 17025 Accreditation for Laboratory Management System from Department of Standards Malaysia
  • Green Label Certification from Singapore Environment Council for Base Oil 150N and Eco-Light Fuel Oil
  • MyHijau Mark Label from Malaysian Green Technology Corporation for Base Oil 150N
  • Occupational Safety & Health Excellence Awards - Bronze Award 2014 from RoSPA UK
  • Occupational Safety & Health Excellence Awards - Silver Award 2015 from RoSPA UK
  • Malaysia Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award - Waste Treatment Company of the Year 2016 from Frost & Sullivan   
Pentas Flora's clients include all major motor vehicle franchisees in Malaysia, the biggest provider in the premix industry as well as other customers come from the food, laundry, latex and lubricant blending industries.

As a registered prescribed premise for recovery and treatment facility by the Malaysia’s Department of Environment, Pentas Flora's is committed to its vision to be the Preferred Solution Provider for Scheduled Wastes while ensuring sustainability of our ecosystem consistent with our credo From Cradle to Cradle - Everything is Recycled.