Waste Treatment and Recycling Programme

We strictly adhere to the 3Rs method of managing scheduled waste with Pentas Flora technology, which is to recycle, recover, and reuse. We have a variety of specialised facilities to handle various types of waste; here are a few examples:

Recovery & Recycling

Processes and extracts useful materials from solvents, oils, and metals to be reused.


Handles wastes that require treatment via physical, chemical, thermal, or biological methods.

Land Disposal

Dispose waste materials at a carefully engineered and secure landfill.

Fully Integrated

Physically/Chemically treats, recovers, stabilizes, and incinerates land disposals from our secure landfill.

What Is Scheduled Waste Recovery

Oil water separation methods such as gravity separation, coalescence separation, emulsion splitting, ultra filtration, and air flotation are used to refine mineral oil and oil emulsion. The separation produces oil, which is then reused as a fuel supplement.

The waste oil will then be refined via distillation or acid/clay to produce oil that can be reused for general purposes such as timber preservative and low grade grease or lubricant.

Organic solvents such as acetone and methanol can be recovered through distillation. This process is usually used in alcohol solvent recovery in flexographic printing and thinner solvent recovery at motor and panel repair workshops.

Another use of solvent recovery is to cater for paint solvents to produce low grade paint, mainly white spirit.

What Is Scheduled Waste Treatment

  • Physical and Chemical Treatment (PCT)
  • Solidification
  • Incineration
  • Distillation
  • Dehydration
  • Land treatment

What Is Scheduled Waste Minimization

Waste minimization is a continuous process to be achieved through:

  • Reduction of waste generation at source
  • Segregation of waste at source
  • Application of recycle and recovery treatment concept whenever possible
  • Continuous education and training to all waste generators

What Is Scheduled Waste Utilization

  • Alternative to SWM in Malaysia apart from treatment, recovery and disposal at prescribed premises or on-site treatment
  • Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulation 2005
  • Application for Special Management must be in accordance with the stipulated guidelines
  • Processing fee RM300
  • DG of DOE may grant written approval either with or without conditions

Achieving Sustainable & Pollution-Free Environment With Pentas Flora

We strive to be the leader and the forefront in dealing with pollution and promise that we will use our innovative power and strength to make tomorrow a better future. Contact us to find out how you can help!

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