Oil Desludging & De-Slopping

What Is Desludging & De-slopping

Tanker ships carrying cargo especially liquid materials need to be cleaned to prevent contamination during the next voyage. The cleaning process can be an expensive and pose an operational challenge due to the content of the cargo and the geographical accessibility of the vessel.

This is especially important during the transportation of fuel oil. Since the viscosity of fuel oil is high, it sticks to the walls of the tank and forms a semi-solid substance that is extremely difficult to remove. Furthermore, oil impurities gather at the bottom of the tank.

Thus, oil tanks need to be cleaned regularly through a method called desludging and de-slopping where a vessel discharges slop water to a land facility.

Pentas Flora handles the disposal and treatment of wastewater from tank cleaning, slop and sludge from ship tanks and oil tanks. These waste materials from ships can either be loaded onto our oil barges or road tankers. Waste materials from port / shore facilities will be loaded directly into road tankers. Each and every drop of oil sludge or slop material will be treated according to the highest DOE’s environmental standards before it is recycled for other industry uses.

Achieving Sustainable & Pollution-Free Environment With Pentas Flora

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