Emergency Response Support

Pentas Flora provides comprehensive support to our customers in the event of any major or uncontrollable spills or accidental releases. Our team is run by trained personnel, equipped with professional spillage response kits including, but not limited to absorbent booms, absorbent pads, spillage recovery equipment, universal absorbent powder and granules, as well as oil dispersants.

Emergency Response Support

We are capable of assisting in the following scenarios:

  • Oil spillage within bunding requiring recovery of the spillage
  • Oil spillage overflowing from bund causing land / ground contamination
  • Oil spillage into drains, monsoon drains, rivers and other inland waterways
  • Underground storage tank leaks
  • Transit (Transport) related spillages and accidental releases

With a fully equipped team and equipment, we are ready to provide recovery, remedial, clean up and post incident remediation works. With fully operational branches across the country, your much needed support is only a phone call away. For immediate support to Emergency please reach us at 016-211 9567 / 016-263 8056.

Achieving Sustainable & Pollution-Free Environment With Pentas Flora

We strive to be the leader and the forefront in dealing with pollution and promise that we will use our innovative power and strength to make tomorrow a better future. Contact us to find out how you can help!

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