Disinfectant & Hand Sanitiser Quality Testing Services

Quality Testing Services For Hand Sanitisers

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic creates a sense of urgency in the importance of manufacturing hand sanitizers and disinfectants that meet governmental requirements and standards. Pentas Flora Laboratory can be the help you need to select optimal raw materials and to ensure your final products meet all the stringent criteria. We are happy to offer you the following services:

Test Description Reference Method
Flash point Measure of flammability ASTM D93
Density Measure of mass a substance per unit volume ASTM D4052
Specific gravity Ratio of density of a substance to that of water at a specific temperature ASTM D4052
Viscosity Measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow ASTM D7042
Ethanol content Measure of ethanol concentration GC-MS
IPA content Measure of isopropyl alcohol concentration GC-MS
pH value Measure of acidic or basic value In-house

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