Operation Training

Providing your personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills in professional operations to enable a more effective workflow.

Course Title: Branch Operations Training Guide

Course Objectives: The objective of Branch Operations Training Guide is to equip the participants with mandatory operation knowledge and skills in order for them to conduct their work on the field efficiently and productively.

Course Contents:

  1. Introduction to Pentas Flora Overall Operation Flow
  2. Operation Vehicles Type/Equipment List & Functions
  3. Scheduled Waste Forms Vs Type of Containers
  4. Introduction to Pentas Flora Branches Facility
  5. Schedule Waste Management Labelling
  6. Branch Operation Process Flow
    • Collection & Oil Trap Service Process Flow
    • Inventory Stock Take Process Flow
    • Skid Tank Cleaning Process Flow
    • Collection Scheduling/Planning Coordination

Target Group: All level of staff
Methodology: Theory and Practical/Role Play

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