Scheduled Waste Collection

Any scheduled waste, whether solid, semi-solid, liquid, or in the form of gas or vapour, that is emitted, discharged, or deposited in the environment in heavy volumes causes pollution.

Thus, it is important for proper waste management practices to be implemented.

In Pentas Flora, we practice the 3R method in tank cleaning:


Our state-of-the-art re-refining facility is capable to turn the used lubricating oils to useful petroleum products i.e. fuel and base oils


Distillation can be used to recover organic solvents such as acetone and methanol. This method is commonly used in the recovery of alcohol solvents in flexographic printing and the recovery of thinner solvents in motor and panel repair shops.


All used IBC tanks and drums will be cleaned and reused for future waste collection purposes.

Main Scheduled waste codes under Oil & Gas Industry

SW codes: SW311, SW314, SW308, SW309, SW409, SW410, SW417

What Are The Waste We Collect

Used Oil Products

SW305    Spent lubricating oil

SW306    Spent hydraulic oil

SW307    Spent mineral oil-water emulsion

SW309    Oil-water mixture such as ballast water

SW312    Oil residue from automotive workshop, service station or interceptor

SW314    Oil or sludge from oil refinery plant maintenance operation

SW315    Tar or tarry residues from oil refinery or petrochemical plant

Solvent & Ink / Paint

SW322    Waste of non-halogenated organic solvents

SW327    Waste thermal fluid such as ethylene glycol

SW418    Discarded or off-specification inks, paints, pigments, lacquer, dye or varnish products containing organic solvent

Drum / Rags / Plastic / Filters

SW409    Disposed containers, bags or equipment contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, mineral oil or scheduled wastes

SW410    Rags, plastics, papers or filters contaminated with scheduled wastes

Achieving Sustainable & Pollution-Free Environment With Pentas Flora

We strive to be the leader and the forefront in dealing with pollution and promise that we will use our innovative power and strength to make tomorrow a better future. Contact us to find out how you can help!

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