Our ECO BASE OIL (EBO) SN150 is certified eco-friendly by Singapore’s Green Label Scheme and Malaysia’s MyHijau Mark.

Every delivery of base oil, manufactured by our state-of-the-art base oil re-refinery is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis issued by our ISO17025 Accredited Laboratory – confirming that the oil meets the stringent requirements of ASTM.

Product Type: Base Oil

Hazard Identification: Carcinogenicity – Category 2, Reproductive Toxicity – Category 2, Specific Target Organ Toxicity (Repeated Exposure) – Category 2, Acute Toxicity – Inhalation – Category 4, Chronic Aquatic Toxicity – Category 4

Fire Fighting Measures: Water fog, foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide (CO2)

Storage: Store in cool dry location, keep away from incompatible materials

General Information: Yellow, liquid state, petroleum odor

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