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What are the types of Scheduled Wastes that Pentas Flora can manage (collect / treat / recover)?

SW303, SW305, SW306, SW307, SW309, SW312, SW314, SW315, SW327, SW322, SW323, SW324, SW409, SW410, SW417, SW418.

What happens to the wastes collected by Pentas Flora?

All wastes collected undergo specific treatment and recovery process that eliminates heavy metals and other impurities. The wastes oil is then processed to produce our flagship products – Base Oil and Eco Light Fuel Oil.

What makes Pentas Flora unique when there are many other waste oil collection companies in DOE’s list?

Pentas Flora is the only facility in Malaysia producing Base Oil and Fuel Oil that is Green Label certified by the Singapore’s Environmental Council. Our Base Oil is certified to Malaysia’s MyHijau Label as well.

What is Pentas Flora’s Commitment to Environmental Management?

Our commitment is beyond legal compliance. The plant is certified to ISO14001 while the products are certified by Singapore Environmental Council to its Green Label (Base Oil 150N and Eco Light Fuel Oil) and Malaysia’s MyHijau Product Certification (for Base Oil). We also meet stringent requirements by Malaysia’s Department of Environment (DOE) on emission control and waste discharges through periodic audits.

What is Pentas Flora’s Commitment to Quality Management / Product Quality?

Customer’s Satisfaction is our Guarantee. To meet this guarantee our products undergo strict process controls that ensure every batch is issued with a Certificate of Analysis by our in house ISO17025 Accredited Laboratory. Our IKM Registered Chemist responsible for Quality and Laboratory Management overseas every aspect of Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Our facility’s processes are also ISO9001 Certified.

In 2016, Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd was awarded the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Awards for Recovery Facility of the Year taking into consideration the various programs and systems we have in place in ensuring the best in quality and service to our customers.

What is Pentas Flora’s Commitment to Safety & Health Management?

“Nobody Gets Hurt!” In the words of our Managing Director, Safety is paramount and so is health management. Stringent odour management, fumes extraction, contractor safety management, visitor safety and laboratory safety keeps hazards in close watch and managed. The facility is certified to OHSAS18001 and efforts to continually improve our internal standards were rewarded by RoSPA UK by awarding us with a Bronze Award for OSH in 2015 and a Silver Award in 2016.

How important is Competency to Pentas Flora?

Employee competency is highly regarded to an extent that almost 100% of the management team is a certified Wastes Manager by the Department of Environment’s CePSWaM Program. Internally we strive in providing technical knowledge to our sales & marketing team, our engineering team through various means and ways including but not limited to certified training programs, visits to other world class oil re-refinery facilities in the US, Australia and Singapore. We employ local and international experts within our team to increase knowledge and competency levels on a day to day basis. The quest for excellence is only possible with a team of competent personnel.

What number do I call for Emergency Services?

016-211 9567 / 016-263 8056 / 03-3149 1388

How soon can Pentas Flora respond?

The time taken to arrive at site depends on the distance of the incident to Pentas Flora’s nearest branch. We are at present located in Banting, Kota Bahru, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu. We will be located at more locations within the next year – see Locations.

Typically, if the site is less than 100km, we expect to arrive on site within 2 hours at most. Within this time, you should do your best to block exit ways with sandbags, booms and absorbents.

What support can Pentas flora provide?

We can provide services to recover the oil, clean up the site, decontaminate the site and provide necessary remediation support of the affected site.

Can Pentas Flora supply just the Emergency Clean Up supplies?

Yes we can.

What equipment does Pentas Flora have for Emergency Support?

Our emergency services is equipped with submersible pumps; large booms; medium sized boom; absorbent powder; absorbent granules; absorbent pads; tanker for recovery; recovery hoses.

All the above are manned by fully trained personnel.

What is the cost of Emergency Clean Up?

The cost of clean up shall depend on the nature of the spill, amount of recovered material and the amount of remedial works required on site.

What number do I call for Emergency Services?

016-211 9567 / 016-263 8056 / 03-3149 1388

What is our ELFO and SLFO made of?

ELFO and SLFO are fuel oils derived from spent lubricating oil recovered primarily from the automotive sector.

What is the difference between ELFO and SLFO?

The main difference is the viscosity of SLFO is lower compared to ELFO (in other words it is more fluid than ELFO). SLFO also contains lesser sulphur thus being the more environmentally friendly product (ELFO is already within sulfur limits, SLFO has a lower sulfur content).

In terms of application, ELFO is used for boiler/ burner with pre-heating system. While SLFO is used for boiler/burner without pre-heating system.

Where can ELFO / SLFO be used?

Both fuel oils can be used by a variety of burning equipment such as boilers, furnaces, kilns, heater and other industrial combustion systems.  As such the fuels are popularly used in the cement, premix plants, palm oil steam boilers, steel plants, power generation and food industry to name a few.

What services does D&D Laboratory provide?

D&D Laboratory provide one stop solution for new laboratory setup. We supply all brand names of analytical instruments and equipment.

What makes D&D Laboratory different?

D&D Laboratory difference is more than lab supplies, or even pricing. We help to design and develop the right method to ensure your laboratory practice meeting world class standard.

How can I get a quote and order?

You can mail, fax, call, or email in your enquiry or order. To process them, we require that all orders we receive have contact, shipping, billing, and payment information. If we encounter any problems, we’ll contact you using the information you provided.

How can I send sample to your laboratory?

We strongly advise you to send your samples by yourself to our laboratory located in Banting. For local customers, you may send by courier services such as PosLaju, Citylink. For oversea customers, you may send by DHL, FedEx etc. Please advise your courier service providers about safety and packing regulations when sending sample.

Do you provide sample pick-up from my location?

Yes, with extra charges. Please consult our laboratory representative.

What is the suitable sample container?

Sample shall be kept securely from leaking. Either plastic or glass can be used. You must provide sufficient sample according to test required. Please consult further laboratory representative.

Do you return the sample after testing?

Yes, but you must inform us in writing upon delivery of sample. We will keep the sample for 2 weeks before disposal, unless there is written request from you to return the sample.

Do you retest the analysis if I am doubtful of the initial result?

Yes, we provide free-of-charge first repeat of the sample if the initial result is doubtful. However, we will charge if the retest is performed on new sample submitted to us.

What is the lead time of analysis?

We will perform test immediate upon receiving your sample. Normal lead time is from 1 days to 3 days. We provide URGENT analysis with extra charges if requested.

What is your confidential policy?

We apply to ISO 17025 Section 4.1 in protecting Customer confidential information. This including Customer information, proprietary rights and test results. We don’t share the test result with another parties unless receive written instruction from Customer.

Can I witness the operation of test in your laboratory?

Yes. You are welcomed to witness the test performed on your samples in our laboratory. However, we appreciate written request from you prior to your visit.

Where are the training usually held?

3 types of programs are conducted:

  1. In House at Client’s Location
  2. Public course at a premier hotel
  3. At Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd’s Training Room

Who are the trainers conducting this course?

All trainers used are HRDF certified professional trainers and consultants with over 10 years experience in wastes and chemical management. Trainers are experts in their respective areas. The complete Profile of the Trainers will be provided during registration for the courses.

The course we are looking for is not listed in your website. How can I know if this courses are conducted by Pentas Flora?

The courses listed are generic and meet the requirements of most clients, however we are able to customise training modules based on customers needs. Do drop us an email and we shall provide you with the proposal.

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