Important Steps That You Should Take Note Before Ship Tank Cleaning

Often, in the oil field, there are various kinds of tanks used, including those used for storage as well as processing. Petroleum manufacturers regularly clean all kinds of pipes, tanks, containers, and waste areas to remove the substance of the possibility of build-up as natural oils are being absorbed into the piping systems or consumed in the production process. In addition, many oil impurities settle and adhere to the tank’s surface. The fuel oil tanks are therefore essential to be regularly cleaned on ships (Chrysalidis & Kyzas, 2020).

Hence, understanding the procedures of tank cleaning protects your ship from unwanted damage and dangerous incidents. Before hiring for tank cleaning service, the below actions need to be taken:

1. Empty the tank to the greatest extent; strip the tank by trimming the ship forward or aft depending on the position of the suction valve.

2. When the ship enters dry dock, the keel configuration is sent to the shore facility to ensure that no keel blocks interfere with the plug in the bottom shell plating.

3. A thorough examination of the tank residues is needed to determine their chemical composition.

4. Since the tank is an enclosed space that can contain flammable materials, it must be sufficiently ventilated.

5. It is important to ensure that the steam connections are closed and that proper signage and placards are posted such that no one opens the valve and is burned or injured while cleaning.

6. The enclosed room entry checklist is completed to ensure that no protection problems are breached or overlooked.

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