Sabah Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) pays a visit to our Pentas Flora Plant

Pentas Flora Group, one of Malaysia’s leading Scheduled Waste Management companies held a private plant tour for Yang Berhormat Datuk Dr Joachim Gunsalam, Timbalan Ketua Menteri dan Menteri Pembangunan Perindustrian Sabah; Yang Berhormat Datuk Wetrom bin Bahanda, Pembantu Menteri Kepada Ketua Menteri Sabah as well as other delegates from Sabah who were in Peninsula Malaysia for a week long official visit to host a forum on Investment Opportunities in Sabah Industrial Parks under the Ministry of Industrial Development. During the course of the visit, which lasted for a week, the participants went to a number of different companies in order to learn about the production methods used at those businesses and how those companies contribute to the present economic landscape.

The tour to the Pentas Flora plant in Banting that was held on 11/8/2022 was graciously welcomed by Datuk Pintaz Badar, Chairman of Pentas Flora Sabah; Mr. Oon Kin Seng, Group Executive Director of Pentas Flora Group; and several other directors and senior management staff members. Thereafter, Mr. Oon hosted a wonderful lunch for the aforementioned delegation while also providing them with information regarding the company’s services, operations, and products.

“In line with the government’s call for sustainability and environmental awareness, we at Pentas Flora believe in our credo “From Cradle to Cradle”, which means that we believe in the 3Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle – and trust that our initiatives have been beneficial to many different industries, including the Maritime, Automotive, and Manufacturing Industries, etc.  We will continue to expand, and as a result, an even greater number of Malaysians from all across the country will be able to benefit from our efforts to give hazardous waste a purpose that is both meaningful and useful.

Since the beginning of Pentas Flora’s existence, our goal has been to create a green environment that is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing by offering a complete solution covering all aspects of hazardous waste management. He elaborated, “We are proud of the fact that over the years we have gathered significant knowledge, specialised skills, advanced technology, and adequate resources to cater to the scheduled waste demands of our customers, and we use all of these to serve our customers.”

The rest of the evening was spent giving the delegates a tour of the facility, during which they were educated on the numerous modern technologies that were utilised, the well-maintained mobile tankers that were on exhibit, as well as the safety and cleanliness of the plant.

Mdm. Cecilia Amid, En. Haizar R.H. Ajaz Nabijan, Mr. Rodolfo Blantocas, En. Mohd Ridzuan Ramli, Christopher Mandut, and a large number of other delegates were present for the evening’s event.

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