What happens when you recycle your used oil in Malaysia?

The diminishing of fossil fuel sources, growing demand and cost of petroleum-based fuels, and environmental hazards in these few decades have motivated the increase of refining waste oil to recycled fuel oil. You would probably be wondering, is all this mineral oil including the engine oil used for your car a renewable resource? In Pentas Flora, our answer is YES. 

In fact, waste oil or used oil should not be thrown away, especially disposed of in the ocean. Hence, the used oil can be recycled again and again through several refining processes. The recycled fuel oil are used for many purposes (Maceiras et al., 2017).

These include: – Lubricants, hydraulic or transformer oil 

– Rerefine into fuel oils

– Industrial burner oil 

– Mould oil 

– Heavy duty diesel 

The process of re-refining of used oil will go through dewatering which includes removing the accessing water within the oil. The used oil will then go through further steps including filtering and demineralisation to remove any solids in the oil. Then, it will proceed to the next step which is propane deasphalting to remove the heavier bituminous fractions and lastly distillation to  produce as the final product. 

Recently, recycling and utilizing of waste oils have received significant attention all over the world, since waste lubricating and hydraulic oils are considered toxic and hazardous waste due to the presence of metal particles (Beneficial & Skills, 2016). Hence, it is very important to draw the public attention to this topic. 


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