What is Cradle to Cradle Recycling?

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“Cradle to Cradle” is coined from the popular corporate phrase – “Cradle to Grave” which implies for everything that is produced must be disposed. However, Cradle to Cradle is a regenerative and sustainable approach that reflects on nature’s processes, where materials are circulating in a healthy and safe ecosystem. With this methodology in mind, we can create a waste-free environment that is efficient, holistic and economical. Michael Braungart, one of the founders of Cradle to Cradle design, says:

“We too should reintroduce everything we use back into the biological cycle.”


Waste is inevitable when human activities are involved. Do you know that there is no waste in nature? All wastes discharged by humans or animals are food to other organism, which may be broken down into benign, usable nutrients. The waste stream in nature is a natural recycling nutrient stream which makes a healthy self-sustainable ecosystem. So how do we ensure we have a circular ecosystem that is of a closed loop similar to the nature’s? – The first condition is to live in accord with the laws of nature and to think that waste could be useful for another purpose, mimicking the nature’s nutrient stream. Recycling is key; the idea is to manufacture and design products with a view to recycling when we have no further use for it.


At Pentas Flora, we are incredibly passionate about saving the earth as it is the roof that shields the entire human population. Therefore, we believe that a transformation that could save the earth is achievable and this is cemented in our mission to encourage greater sustainability awareness through our business. Our commitment is further magnified with our shared vision of combining innovation and technology to distinguish virgin reusable resources from wastes to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximized resource value. Ringing true to our “from cradle to cradle” philosophy, we appreciate the fact that our planet sustains us and if treated right, we trust it will grant us the stability to live in proper balance and stability.


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