MoU Signing with BMW

Premium automaker partners Malaysian-based scheduled waste management solutions provider, Pentas Flora to advance circularity efforts in tackling automotive waste beginning from its network of dealerships.

Kuala Lumpur, 11th January 2023 – BMW Group Malaysia recently commemorated their partnership with Pentas Flora in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing, held in conjunction with a roundtable discussion on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) hosted by the premium automaker.

Hans de Visser, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia said, “For us at BMW Group Malaysia, our vision for sustainability is clear. In all our efforts to mitigate climate change, we ensure our strategy is both Circular and Responsible – as we pursue a verifiable and consistent path towards climate neutrality by 2050. In doing so, we drive forward the Group’s global ambition here with a local context, while inspiring more Malaysian industry leaders to place ESG at the forefront of their decision-making in 2023.”

Matthias Schlesiger, CEO of BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia added, “As we progress towards a more sustainable approach in our business practices, we looked within our own ecosystem to identify likeminded innovators and visionaries who share the same ambition as we do – and Pentas Flora, a long-time customer of BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia, became an ideal sustainability partner. In 2021, we kickstarted an internal initiative with our local dealer network to give waste oils and lubricants collected from their service centres a second life as re-refined eco-base oils.”

Oon Kin Seng, Group Executive Director of Pentas Flora said, “This partnership is a meaningful one for us at Pentas Flora as we recognise the shared commitment between our organisations in championing sustainability and responsibility in our business processes, preserving the environment and ensuring that elements that can be harmful to the earth can be disposed in a responsible manner. Ultimately, our work in managing scheduled waste for clients across industries by providing end-to-end solutions for hazardous waste management, is part of a larger vision to build a sustainable environment and a better future for all Malaysians and we are pleased to be able to drive its importance with a partner like BMW Group Malaysia.”

Over 30,000 litres of waste oils and lubricants have been collected from four participating BMW dealerships in the Klang Valley so far and sent for processing at Pentas Flora’s re-refinery plant in Banting to eventually be turned into re-refined eco base oil (EBO) that will be channelled back into the automotive sector once again. Re-refined oil is a complex but highly reliable product that goes through vacuum distillation, pre-treatment processes such as sieving, dewatering, vacuum dehydration, short path distillation, and a variety of treatment processes to obtain a quality end-product comparable to virgin base oil.

As part of BMW Group Malaysia’s RE:GENERATE programme to adopt circularity within the organisation, this collaboration with Pentas Flora is a crucial first step to ensuring not only proper automotive waste management, but also a firm departure from the traditional linear approach to valuable resources. The goal is to achieve 100% participation in repurposing used oils and lubricants from all BMW dealers nationwide, while also encouraging more industry players to pay closer attention to waste management, ensuring that waste is no longer carelessly deposited into landfills, incinerated, or illegally dumped.

The roundtable discussion on ESG by BMW Group Malaysia and Pentas Flora featured sustainability leaders from the public sector, alongside industry experts and innovators. They shared insights on low-carbon practices and the voluntary carbon market, risks for ESG non-compliance, good governance for sustainable growth, as well as a necessary mindset shift amongst corporate Malaysia towards self-regulation in their sustainability efforts.

Interviewed by The Edge Malaysia [Circular Economy: Offering an alternative to fossil fuels]

We are thrilled and honoured to have been interviewed by The Edge Malaysia, one of Malaysia’s largest news agency, about the launch of Eco Base Oil to achieve sustainability and a circular economy in Malaysia. The interview was held at our Pentas Flora plant, Banting, and Mr Ee Wei Leong, Head of Operations, provided an introduction to the HSE protocol, followed by a tour of our facility.

Mr Oon Kin Seng, our Group Executive Director, conducted an excellent interview! Instead of a conventional interview, Ms Natalie from The Edge and Mr Oon bonded and turned the session into a discussion. Mr Oon discussed the importance of using eco base oil rather than crude oil, the vision of achieving ESG goals, and more. Overall, we thank The Edge for the interview. We are always open to opportunities to educate the world on the importance of proper Scheduled Waste Management as the key to sustainability.

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Pentas Flora Eco Base Oil Launch

The circular economy’s newest innovation has been unveiled by Pentas Flora Group, a company that has been managing scheduled waste management for the past ten years. The recently announced Re-refined Eco-Base Oil (EBO) by Pentas Flora created an eye-opening moment for everyone at this distinguished event, which was held at the EQ Hotel in Kuala Lumpur with a variety of attendees from the automotive, oil & gas, and banking industries.

Re-refined oil is used motor oil that has undergone a protracted re-refining process to eliminate impurities and provide a base oil that is as good as new. After being sold to blenders, this base oil is used to create lubricants like motor oil, transmission fluid, and grease by adding additive packages.

Re-refined oil undergoes rigorous processing, filtering, distillation, and dehydration to remove both soluble and insoluble contaminants, in contrast to recycled oil, which only has its soluble impurities like dirt and heavy metals removed. In summary, re-refined oil is cost-effective compared to conventional motor oil and isn’t harmful to the environment.

Mr. Oon Kin Seng, the executive director of Pentas Flora Group, proudly acknowledged in his opening remarks that Pentas Flora has successfully developed this Eco-Base Oil (EBO) SN150 for the benefit of consumers, the environment, and the industry as a whole after a decade of research and development.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are the three R’s that Pentas Flora Sabah Director Datuk Mohammad Pintaz Badar emphasised further. “Purity is Good” is a catchphrase that we are very proud of, not merely a trendy catchphrase. We think waste needs to be managed carefully, and making something of this calibre out of the waste that would have otherwise been discarded deserves vigorous applause,” he said.

Dr. Ernest H. Henderson, Technical Director (Base Oil and Lube Products) of Pentas Flora Group, provided a more detailed explanation of the various advantages of re-refined base oil and that of Pentas Flora during his keynote address. “This Pentas Flora Eco-Base Oil checks all the criteria for a sustainable contribution to the economy. Re-refined base stock yield lowers the carbon footprint and unintended CO2 emission output. It benefits sustainability and the environment”, explained Henderson.

He went on to say that restrictions on industrial and vehicular activity during the Covid-19 period clearly reduced pollutants and enhanced air quality. This demonstrates unequivocally the harmful substances that were regularly released into the environment during the Covid period as a result of these actions. From its re-refining operation, Pentas Flora creates a high-quality base stock that can be used to create medium and top-tier engine oils, as well as driveline and industrial oils.

Ybhg Datin Zameema Banu, Head, Group Sustainability of AmBank Group, supported the event and gave a speech recognising the sustainable impact of the EBO. She stated in her remarks that AmBank, a steadfast backer of Pentas Flora, is indeed happy and excited that this product is made with re-refined lubricants.

“It is very satisfying to see successes like this, as AmBank was the first bank to support Pentas Flora and has remained the company’s primary banker to this day, continuing to support their growth, aspirations, and passion in producing solutions from waste that can be purified and reused,” she continued.

The function was further honoured with the presents of Mr. Lim Aik Fu – Group Managing Director of Pentas Flora Group, Mr. Sashi Ambi – Head of Communications & Sustainability (BMW Group Malaysia), Yvonne Chan – Executive Vice President of Wholesale Banking Coverage of AmBank, Ms. Tan Bee Yan –Senior Vice President of Wholesale Banking Coverage of AmBank, as well as Mr. Lim Aik Hoe and Mr. Lim Aik Kiat, Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director of EXSIM Group – the holding company of Pentas Flora Group.

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Sabah Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) pays a visit to our Pentas Flora Plant

Pentas Flora Group, one of Malaysia’s leading Scheduled Waste Management companies held a private plant tour for Yang Berhormat Datuk Dr Joachim Gunsalam, Timbalan Ketua Menteri dan Menteri Pembangunan Perindustrian Sabah; Yang Berhormat Datuk Wetrom bin Bahanda, Pembantu Menteri Kepada Ketua Menteri Sabah as well as other delegates from Sabah who were in Peninsula Malaysia for a week long official visit to host a forum on Investment Opportunities in Sabah Industrial Parks under the Ministry of Industrial Development. During the course of the visit, which lasted for a week, the participants went to a number of different companies in order to learn about the production methods used at those businesses and how those companies contribute to the present economic landscape.

The tour to the Pentas Flora plant in Banting that was held on 11/8/2022 was graciously welcomed by Datuk Pintaz Badar, Chairman of Pentas Flora Sabah; Mr. Oon Kin Seng, Group Executive Director of Pentas Flora Group; and several other directors and senior management staff members. Thereafter, Mr. Oon hosted a wonderful lunch for the aforementioned delegation while also providing them with information regarding the company’s services, operations, and products.

“In line with the government’s call for sustainability and environmental awareness, we at Pentas Flora believe in our credo “From Cradle to Cradle”, which means that we believe in the 3Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle – and trust that our initiatives have been beneficial to many different industries, including the Maritime, Automotive, and Manufacturing Industries, etc.  We will continue to expand, and as a result, an even greater number of Malaysians from all across the country will be able to benefit from our efforts to give hazardous waste a purpose that is both meaningful and useful.

Since the beginning of Pentas Flora’s existence, our goal has been to create a green environment that is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing by offering a complete solution covering all aspects of hazardous waste management. He elaborated, “We are proud of the fact that over the years we have gathered significant knowledge, specialised skills, advanced technology, and adequate resources to cater to the scheduled waste demands of our customers, and we use all of these to serve our customers.”

The rest of the evening was spent giving the delegates a tour of the facility, during which they were educated on the numerous modern technologies that were utilised, the well-maintained mobile tankers that were on exhibit, as well as the safety and cleanliness of the plant.

Mdm. Cecilia Amid, En. Haizar R.H. Ajaz Nabijan, Mr. Rodolfo Blantocas, En. Mohd Ridzuan Ramli, Christopher Mandut, and a large number of other delegates were present for the evening’s event.

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