Happy Chinese Niu (Ox) Year!

Perhaps the biggest wish for the year 2021 is for us to forget about all the lockdowns and struggles we faced in 2020 and start the year on a fresh note. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and extended MCO, this year’s Lunar New Year is predicted to be the least busy Chinese new year in the past 2 decades.

Don’t fret, our family oriented team at Pentas Flora has devised innovative and joyous ways for us to make the best of this auspicious occasion and embrace the changes in line with SOPs and guidelines set by the government. Here are some methods to spice up your Chinese new year.

Method 1

E-New Year!

Line up a list of video calls to all your friends and family members to wish them good words of fortune! With the multitude of available and free video calling apps such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Skype and Zoom; you’ll be able to connect to more people with the touch of a screen from any location!

Method 2

Look it! Feel it! 

Take the time to decorate an eye-catching background for you to make the video calls. You’d be surprised just how people appreciate the little things! Or, try placing an e-picture background for your calls. With the pictures available on the net, your imagination is the limit!

Don’t forget to purchase new clothing online and dress up for the occasion! Show your relatives that awesome new CheongSam and Samfoo, all from the safety and comfortability of your home.

Method 3

Food and More Food! 

Learn new recipes online and try them out for your family! It’s never too late to start trying new things, why not take a gamble (pun intended) and try it out during the new year!

Order in! With all of the food delivering apps available, you can get anything you would want to eat during this festive season. YeeSang? IT’S ONLY A CLICK AWAY! 

Order food for your friends and family staying elsewhere out of the kindness and generosity of your heart. One thing we know as Malaysians, we never say no to food.

Method 4

Huat Ah! 

The moment that all children,teenagers and young adults have been waiting for, Ang Pao Na Lai. Fortunately, E-ang paos are also readily available! With something as simple as a bank transfer and an online Ang Pao card/GIF, people can click on the angpao and receive their good wishes and fortune from their loved ones. 

Want to try something different? Why not gift them e-credits such as Grab Gifts, Phone top-up or a Netflix subscription? Each of these can be purchased at most convenience stores or done easily from the usage of our phones.  

With every festive season, comes tons of unwanted waste that are improperly handled. Waste such as food wrappers, aluminium tin cans, glass bottles, paper wrappers; the list goes on and on. Here at Pentas Flora, we aim to develop a sustainable green environment that maintains our balanced ecosystem. However, since our regular services aren’t necessarily in line with the waste generated during this season, we can only hope that everyone will do their part for the environment by recycling, reusing and reducing waste during this festive time. Set a short period of time to handle your waste properly and try not to splurge too much on food that might go to waste. Instead, donate your excess food to those in need and start your new year with an act of kindness. As always, we are determined to make life easier by keeping our environment green and our clients hassle free. 

Finally, from everyone here at Pentas Flora, we would like to wish you a prosperous, Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai. Stay safe, stay green and have a great celebration.

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